Mixed media sculptor Jodi Colella of Somerville, Massachusetts, USA uses traditional handwork techniques to create sculptural pieces from found objects. Science often informs her designs, becoming apparent in the organic features of exaggerated cellular forms frequently portrayed in her artwork.

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Interviews produced by Gareth Bate and Dawne Rudman

Above:   Mushroomed (detail)

For the 2012 World of Threads Festival, Jodi participated in two of the Festival exhibitions.

In De rerum natura (On The Nature of Things) held at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville, she had a few pieces.  Below is an image of one of the pieces in that show.

For more images of De rerum natura (On The Nature of Things)


Above:   What looks like an elephant. 

Jodi also had a few pieces in THREADSpace at the Canadian Sculpture Centre, in Toronto.  Below is one of the pieces Jodi had in THREADSpace.   For more images on THREADSpace, click



Above: One Day

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