World of Threads Festival – Interview with Robert Davidovitz of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Robert Davidovitz from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a fibre artist with a difference.  Robert is a weaver.  However, he does not use wool, yarn or other kinds of fibre in his woven art pieces.  Instead, his works with acrylic paint.  Robert extrudes the paint into strands.  When dry, he uses the traditional technique of hand-weaving the strands of dry paint to create his art pieces.

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Interviews produced by Gareth Bate and Dawne Rudman

Above:  Tickled Pink.

Robert participated in The Red and the Black exhibit of Festival 2014 in the Gallery at our main festival venue at Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre in Oakville

Above:  Cube III, Cuboid, Exploding Cube in Negative, Sandwich and Trapezoidal Prism

For Festival 2012, Robert had work showing in Memento moti at the Gallery at Sheridan Institute.

Above:  Vanitas

For Festival 2009, Robert had a piece showing at the b42GALLERY.

Above:  Icarus Last Sight